Saturday, January 03, 2004

Last night was a nightmare... tossed and turned in bed for hours. think it was 5am when i finally got to sleep. onli to wake up to a scary dream.. oh god. But things looked up during the day, the stuff i was brooding over melted away in the afternoon sun while i was skating arnd.. Kinda realised that, well if it happens than it happens.. and altho i'm gonna try my best.. i know i can't force things. i guess in my lust to claim the prize i forgot why i even ran the race in the first place.. in a way life is a race... and altho there are times u just wanna stop.. you just got to grit your teeth and push on...? corny? maybe.. but it helps me by. anyway got a few friends over reading skate mags and doing some light drinking..

*if you walk out on me, i'm walking after you.*
Foo Fighters. walking after you

Friday, January 02, 2004

Wow.. this is weird... never did i guess that i would blog.. EVER..! hmmmx well anyway i guess everyone needs an escape.... even me. ALTHO its not realli my style i guess it can't hurt. To those who DID have a happy new year... may the next bring you much success and smooth sailing. As for me.. it could haf gone better... and i'm so tired AND well a lil tipsy. and the new year honestly scares me a lil... i mean a job..?? army..?? it makes me wonder a lil bit... u know like... whoa sch is finally out and here is where life starts... the question lingering i guess is, am i ready? doubt or just jitters..? either way i'm too depressed and tired to deal with it now..