Thursday, September 14, 2006

Such a Happy Camper~!

My Oh My..
Today i feel so.. giddily and UN-naturally happy..
not like.. striking lottery happy.. but today was so...
Easy going.. YEt productive..
and my dear trina is having such a hectic day..
ugh.. poor dear.. only wish i could help more..

Today i shall Unvail~.. my 2 latest aquisitions..!

Here Iz a swanky bottle of Russian Vodka..
however its spelt.. "BODKA" on the bottle..
its just gets me calm looking at the bottle..
not understanding a word on the bottle..
being that the lettering mostly is in Russian..
but Hell.. thinking of burly russian men..
gathered round and forcing down this rough drink..
makes me feel like we share a common bond as
alcoholic men.. yes..

Its exciting to drink from a bottle whose written language
you pretty much have to decipher..
it could be paint thinner for all i know.. Yummm.. hahax
this is gonna be Fun!

Moving on~~..

Alright guys.. absinthe.. is my new poison of chioce..
This Is my new bottle of absinth~..! its a crazy ass drink..
Freakin 70% alc volume..! i mean They probably Fly ROCKETS on this kinda fuel!
FYi absinthe is supposedly the drink that has hallucinogenic
properties.. great writers and artists used to drink this
stuff.. and the crazy eye on the bottle.. haha well lets hope i
see some stuff.. that would be AWsome~~.. i have an
opened bottle of 50% absinthe now and lemmie tell you.. that stuff is a Blast.. i can't even imagine how this one is
gonna blow my mind..

And lookie here.. Probable poster boy for Absinthe..??
= ) i look so happy.. awwhhh..
kinda creepy too.. what grown man huggs a bottle..
Hahax.. Lotsa love.. from Moi~

Hug hug Kiss kiss

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

You know.. that story..? haha.. i don't even think it has a name..
but i'll try to describe it.. if i can remeber it right..

the story is based on weird circumstances.. so don't judge it
or make any wise cracks.. cuz its just a friggin story.. just LISTEN~!
let me tell it.. everyone's gotta be a wise guy.. = )

it revolves around a group of men..
who went to hell and are strapped in onto a bench..
and the table is like 2 meters away..
and they each have a bowl of food on the table..
and 2 meter spoons.. so they are all psyco moto idiots..
and they can't feed themselves..
so they bitch and whine and complain..
NO suprise there..

whilst complaining~~~
one of the men catches something in the corner of his eye..
Off in the distance.. low and behold.. is table 2~!
Convienently located in heaven.. my my..
now he squints.. expecting grand tables and all you can eat..
(you get the picture.. angels.. harps.. wine and food.. )

but..~! he see's another unfortunate bunch..
stuck in the same prediciment he and his amigos are in..
so he mutters.. bunch of poor saps..

but hold the Phone~..! everyone from the other table fills their spoon..
turns left or right.. and starts feeding his pal..~!
their white gowns may get a little messy but hey~..
everyone gets fed..!

teamwork.. its a funny thing.. it works so well..
but pple just don't seem to wanna be a part of it..

i feel like a can offer so much more to my friends and family and girlfirend..
i wana be a force in my life and yours.. and have a good time doing it...= )
if only you let me..

Fact is.. life is not a spectator sport..
life's a game.. and weather you like it.. or not..
its on ALL the time.. so its Win lose or draw.. right?
it may look clear that things are a simple win lose or draw..
but STOP~! really step back.. hold it for just a sec..

here's what i think..
some people win.. do whatever it takes..
step on friends.. lose their loved ones.. (like a friend i know)
now they have money.. respect.. and they have won..

life isn't about winning at all.. is it..?
its has and always will be.. about how you play the game..
much love.. from the ever yakkin..
ME... hughug kiss kiss..

and joe joe..! so gald i called ya man.. you know i'm there for ya~..

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Everydays' a struggle..

how's your day..? could it be like mine..? you know..
obstacles in life, family, work and love crop up sometimes..
why does ot feel like it happens more to me..?
it could just be that i'm selfish and
i sympathise with myself so much more than others..
i don't know..

it sucks.. its like non stop.. one after the other..
*breathe deep* try to relax..
but the waves keep rocking the boat..
and i.. am at the mercy of this roller coaster of a ride called life..

why can't things work out EASIER..
i didn't say easy.. but just easier..~
i'm an honest dude.. easy on the eyes.. pretty sharp too..
don't i get a break..? man.. why do i even bother..
its like talking to a wall.. the sounds just bounce off
and come back to me..

just shoot me.. for god's sake..
put a gun to my head and yank the trigger..
cuz its crazy~.. how can people live life like this..
every damn thing you have to fight for..
just to be happy..

happy.. what a price to pay..