Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Feel Pink..

For those of you who do not Already know..
i've Recently OBTAINED the ELUSIVE pink IC..

I kinda Imagined it Different.. I mean all the HYPE about Ord and civillian life.. I can't really jump for joy.. cuz army has been cool.. i know.. i bitch and complain occasionally.. but damn hell i sure enjoyed it.. Seeing that i AM no longer property of the SAF.. makes me feel kinda lost.. Wonder if everyone feels the same.. Maybe its just me.. could be..?

Anyway Tris and Zack are all pumped up on doing this house party thing.. sounds kinda dangerous if u ask me.. LOADS of fun.. but potential for disaster~.. i guess it would be a blast.. ah well.. = )

Went for my first class at United Artist Academy Last night.. It was Pretty cool.. meeting new people.. being the class clown.. and the classes Look AWSOME.. different kinds of Dance.. Fashion modelling.. Acting.. vocal toning.. Eh.. a lil hesitant on the dance thing but thats what makes it exciting doesn't it..

Lastly.. i guess i'd better talk about yaofeng.. he's one of my secondary school classmates.. and he passed away yesterday.. not one of my close friends or anything.. but nontheless.. he's one of us.. it came across to me that people should really sieze the day.. that if you took a wrong left turn.. at a junction.. that could be it.. so my dears.. pursue your dreams with unyielding determination.. For in doing so.. Life is truely worth living..