Sunday, September 25, 2005

Eye of the tiger baby~!

Mmmm... Rarrrh..~! i'm feelin good.. strangely..
feel like kicking ASS.. hahaha.. i'm pumped~!
Mothers hide ur daughters..~!

i guess its cuz pple i know are feeling down this week..
Exams.. army exercises.. breakups..
whatever.. gonna keep my chin up..
u know that saying... a wise man told me once...

he says to me;
" chosen one.. *chough cough*..
when the going get tough..

Kick ASS~!
*cough Cough*"

ps.. eat carls JR...

AND So you see..
maybe my alcohol poisoning has CLEARED my vision..
ah yes.. that and a dash of kung pow..

Ooh.. i saw COLIN at orchard~!
zack zack~! climb climb climb~!
dig deep for that inner monkey..
feel the flow..~~