Saturday, September 04, 2004


So 2 weeks into Tri-service term 2 at OCS..
How are things..? Honestly.. i'm Slowly..
and i STRESS slowly.. gettin the hang of the place..
still a newbie.. gettin used to the new "culture"..
rules.. system.. and shit...
BUT there's one thing i hate.. Absolutly hate..
The 3Km morning runs Everyday..!
i'll just come out and say it..
i'm not one of the fit guys..
Those who can run like forever..

So its abit demoralising.. BUT.. i can feel it..
slowly i'm pickin up.. getting fitter.. stronger..
gotta keep up the pace.. Fight all the way..
I think i might take a nap.. wanna catch up on some Z's..

In the Words of Ozzy Orsbourne..
"i love you all.. i love you more than life itself.. But ur all fucking mad.."

Good Night~