Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Three Angels

They rest their heads upon my shoulders,
each heavy with disappointment and sorrow.
All of which lost the love of their lives,
been crying each day till tomorrow.

My mind and shoulder and heart grow numb
from consoling these angels as days ware on.
A pillar for broken hearts cracks under the weight
leaving the angels to lie in its wake.
I'm feeling expressive. Between the lines hide the truth of the mind meant to tangle and twist the thoughts of the ordinary. To tease and construe dimension yet seem so perfectly sound and paint you a picture of +A Beautiful Disaster+

Start and Finish

So p
lain in sight I still
for you the girl
that i
the months of secret
dash past your eyes just like a

memories I lay to
no longer stay inside my
of my heavy heart
for sure this life ain't

Beginning and End

The lights dim down and haze the
of the world we see through a
so narrow our lives it seems it would
unless you save us
or as soon as you can maybe
cannot come quick enough for
to be free from these
i cannot break that tie me to
through love and hate it all
to a simple algorithm to

The Cycle

In the dust it lies once full alive,
the roses wilt destined to die.
The cards fall down on to the floor,
scattered memories of times before.
And from
the ashes and tears of old,
new life grows from within this soul.
That the past in all it pain and glory,
nourish our tired battered bodies.