Thursday, September 25, 2008

I can't help it, I'm just a sucker for a girl with a great smile.
One who isn't afraid to let loose and be free, stylish and live
in the moment. Yet come home and bask in the moment of
quiet togetherness. Huddle under a blanket watching a DVD,
spontaneous lunches and picnics at the park. Walking along
the sidewalk just because we can. It has to be that easy,
that comfortable, it has to be, perfect.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Something doesn't feel right.. giving tuition, joining the pageant,
drowning under my work. It all feels somewhat surreal, unplanned
even. Normally i like to fly by the seat of my pants now and again but
seems to me like a lot of change, a lot of new. I need to wrap my head
around it and get busy, there are different methods to the madness
after all. Should i just smile and take it in stride, or coldly calculate
the safest way to survive the temporary lapse of judgment?

Acceptance must surely be the first step to improvement. If so,
let the journey to wellness begin.