Monday, December 13, 2004


Hey guys ~ i'm HomE~.. grin..
okay.. i'm lying.. i'm at kaoxiong..
for the mandrin AND general knowledge impaired..
thats taiwans erm.. SECOND capital of sorts..
finished my 2 weeks of crazy training..
DID you guys know that the typhoon passed over my camp..?
a baby one.. BUT one none the less.. i was super excited..
Anyway.. training was tough.. lots of planning..
marching.. heavy loads to carry.. fighting..
all that rubbish.. but ITS over... and i'm glad...

Now is just rest and relaxation time..
shopping.. eating.. all that..
i really expected better shopping..
but i've been shopping at the brand shops..
so i can't complain..
there are some realli nice clothes here..
but prices.. sigh..
i have to look for non-branded stuff..
be more choosy... grin..

Alright.. sad confession..
cigs are cheap here..
and i've smoked some here..
sigh.. not to the extent of hardcore smoker mind you..
but i'm not proud of it..
so when i get back.. its gonna stop..
gradually.. but it will.. promise..

right.. anyway its late.. gonna hit the sack.
i miss you all.. = )