Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oh Baby..

This post is for my Lil princess..
She's Absoultly amazing..
and i love her so much i'm kinda left speechless.. hahaha..
But Like many other girls her concepts for life leave me pulling out my hair..
And Here's the thing.. most guys like myself just will never get it.. = )
She is a handfull i'll tell you that.. hahaha

Absolutly blinding.. I keep banging my head against the wall..
cuz i DON'T get it..!!!! hahaha.. sigh.. sadness.. = )
but it's all good.. i'm taking it in stride and having a good laugh..

ladies.. You gals live in a totally different RELAM from us guys..
Here's a tip.. give your man a break once in awhile yah..?
even if its letting get away with little things..
Men in general are a simple race.. and we are easy to please too..
an ice cold beer with friends..
walking around the house in our underwear..
my personal favourate.. not doing ANYTHING..
and we love to make our girlfriends or wives happy..
you just gotta tell us how.. = )

And Although her logic beseaches me..

I can't help but love her..!

now THATS strange logic..

Lotsa Love!! i'm going to crawl back into bed...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wow.. Quick Post..

i've just got home.. and what a day at work..
we had a function at Rouge today..
and it finished at 1.00.. so clean up and pack up done..
So we head down.. and most of us stop by acid bar..
and the band is calling for staff to come up and play..
so i'm like.. Jas( my manager).. i play u sing..?
lets go for it balls.. i play krama police by radiohead and he sings..
haha no doubt its a lil sketchy.. but it was so FUN!
in front of a 20+ crowd.. hahaha..

ANd.. on top of that..
my manager told me i could start basic bar training on wed..!
well.. we're short of floor staff so i gotta double up and serve drinks too..
But well.. its a start

nites nties...
Lotsa love!