Thursday, June 16, 2005

Fade to Black..

Shadows amongst billions..
across the furthest edges..
then come the night..
and i fade to black..

Just one of many..
faces..faces.. so many faces..
a lifetime.. to mean nothing..

A footprint in the sand..
A memory in the minds of men..
take another look..!
it is no longer..

It tears at my chest..
Eats me from inside..
i can't mean nothing..
i won't..

But i do...
don't i..?
Decisions... Decisions..

Grin.. the strange thing about life..
its never a straight road.. u know..
loop-D-loops.. twrils.. spirals..
at speeds that leave everything a blur..
(feeling dizzy yet...?)

My point..? oh none in particular..~
i feel.. strange.. its like as if..
i realised the concept of time and and the space of events..
on a PERSONAL scale of course..
and i can only come up with one phrase to embody..
"roll with the punches.."
take what u get.. or can get..

it is at THIS point in time where you.. (yess you!)
actually start wondering what the hell i'm talking about
and if i am spouting some new AGE gibberish..
Maybe you have a different phrase..?
well whatever be the case...

my advice..?


Roll with the punches...

Oh! oh.. and watch batman begins..! its good stuff~..
haha.. with that i bid you adu~..