Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Going out drinking again tonight..
but its all good.. i guess.. probably should watch it huh..?
mmMm.. have been going a lil overboard lately..
the thought of it pulling me to the edge has always been appealing..
never coming back..? Just Letting it all go...

The only time i get the same "high" is when i'm breaking out
on my dear sarah.. playing it loud For the world to hear..
playing the power chords that should resonate through our lives..
As if the entire stage spotlighted on little.. ole.. me..

Perfect dream.. isn't it..?

"This Is Who We Are"

Between the future and the past tense

Lies the present and the distance

So you think we're never coming back

Scoring points for passion and persistence

Between the lines and the highway

Lies the danger and the safety

You never thought this was gonna last

I always knew you'd never take it back

Between the sadness and the smile
Lies the flicker of the fire
You always said this never hurt you
I always said you were a liar
With the all the towers and the wires
There still lies a little silence
Two hearts and one connection
One voice lacks emotion now
Instead of flowers like words that never mattered
Close it off forget about the sadness
(close it off forget about the sadness)
He always said she should have tried crying
Blaming him, as she was lying down

Sunday, March 26, 2006


My God.. i Saw HIM.. Brian Molko..
Placebo was Absolutly amazing..
i'm just lost for words..
they're playing, so much spirit..
the energy.. so cold and dead..
i LOVE it...~

was at the ~Mtv Fashionably loud~ event..
and .. PLACEBO performed..
i've been waiting for this since i was sec 2~!..
It was as powerful as i always knew it would be..

so good...

so good...

Wish i could rock as much as he does...
better start Putting my fingers to the fretboard..
play faster and harder than ever beforeee.....