Tuesday, March 11, 2008


What a day. I've been working at club Nana for 3 months now and i'll share something that happened to me today. I was doing my thing at the Bar when one of the girls beaconed me. When i leaned in to ask what she needed, the buxomy 27 year old kissed me and asked if i had a girlfriend. When i said no, she smiled cheekly and asked if i was free to get together after work. Thoughts raced through my head as i lied through my teeth and declined. *Sigh*

This is the second time she's offered to spend the night with me, and twice i have declined. This time i felt like a real fool about it too. Word of her generous offer spread amongst the staff quickly and soon i was the one that turned down free sex with a hot older lady. Honestly it is not that i didn't want to, God knows I haven't been laid in ages and
I would have Loved to spend the night. I began to contemplate the reason for my answer. Why...? Honestly, what man wouldn't have said yes. All i could come up with was that, I had a conscience. Fellow bartenders poked fun and said i was naive and that bartenders didn't have morals when it came to getting laid.

I guess had the circumstances been different my answer might have varied, but given the same situation, the funny thing is, i still would have said no. And that would have been a very grudging no at that. Do i still feel like an idiot, yes. And here I am at home alone blogging, when i could have been having a night of wild sex. Life sure is strange