Saturday, September 08, 2007

Without you i have no reason to stay..

The song on my blog is by H.I.M..
its one of those bands i liked from way back..
and my first taste of love metal..

alot has been going through my head..
Its easy to be discombulated by love and emotions..
and in the eye of your mind
emotions and questions spiral around like a typhoon..
and there you are.. in the middle..

i've decided.. i need to detach myself from it all..
i can't be in a relationship given all thats happened..
emotionally i am worn and
don't have the strength..

And what is the point of it all..?
Love should be so much easier than this..
Without you i'll have no reason to stay..

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New sem.. new Ballgame..

Its been awhile since i last posted...
:) nothing much to post actually..
i usually blog when i feel blue or down..
So things must be going pretty well..

Time flies.. So fast and i'm into my second sem..
Modules this sem are definatly more challenging..
Calculus.. World civilisations.. Macroeconomics.. Psy 101..
Must make constant effort not to keep on track..
and not let everything pile up..

i like it when life is like this...
simple.. and everything is well.. clear... well..
i'm gonna shower up and leave for my only class of the day..
*smiles* ONLY class of the day...
Cheers to excellent school PLanning~