Friday, September 29, 2006

Job Week..!

i remember being a little kiddy cadet scout..
in my scout cap and my short beyond short shorts.. *mental picutre*
Remember when kid scouts would come and do jobs at your place for cash..?
Haha.. Job week.. those were the daes yah..?

Well now its almost been a my first week AT the job..
didn't relly tell everyone but i'm actually serving at club Rogue..
Haha.. its not too bad actually once you get used to the timings..
its alot of running around and taking orders but its actually pretty fun..
Hahaha.. today one of the young business womeny customers actually flirted with me..
and a guy from that same table offered me a shot..! luckily my floor manager was like..
"okay okay faster drink~!" haha its one shot.. but still my first free DRINK!
so i drank.. thanked them.. and *woosH*.. back to work.. Hahaha~..

well its what now..? 4am in the morning..? and i just got home..
muching on the delicious pepperidge farm cookies my beloved bought me this afternoon~..!
she's really the greatest.. Love ya Hunn~~!
with your cookies i won't go hungry.. = )

i have something to say.. recently i've been a crappy friend..
to tris and zack.. and even my cj class..
thanks for asking me out and everything..
i really do wanna hang out and do nuthin..
but i can't i really hope you understand.. espically tris..
i haven't spoken to you since sat.. haha.. i hope ur doing good..
i miss the old days when i was schooling or serving our nation..
when we could so called.. "fly by the seat of our pants.."
haha.. well.. thats life ain't it..?

hate to end this post short.. but the bed awaits~!
sweet dreams of nothing and everything..
Here's a toast.. i'm drinking water out of an absolut bottle by the way..
Life is short.. Live to the full..
for yourself.. and yourself in others..
to those who live life..