Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm gonna make this clear...
i have never and will never like Zouk...
after Plush me and ken made our way down to Zouk
to join victor sally and Samuel..

Phuture was so packed.. my god.. there wasn't space to dance!
Seriously whats the point in cramming in and suffocating..
if you are lucky there will be 4 inches between youand the next guy..
and So many young guys and girls.. *shakes head*

And then after ken got wasted.. the rest wanted to go..... Mambo!
**Shudder**.. the night just gets worse and worse for me..
Here's the thing.. TONNES of pple love mambo...
and i respect their right to... by ALL means..
but for me.. memorizing the dance moves to a song..
and imitating the guy on stage trying to look like a 80's Diva...
isn't dancing.. Gross...
i'd rather have my limbs gnawed off by rats before i mambo...

Yes.. zouk badd.... Badddd.... lesson learnt..

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

2 Invisible
Intro: Dm7 Dm E A

Dm7 Dm
Wish i mattered to you... ( repeat )
E A# A
Don't you see that i want you to..
Dm7 Dm
i think i stay but i won't.. (repeat)
chances are that i'll fade away..

and i turn, turn to run,
but i can't get away from it all..
Just like light, from the sun,
Dm7 Dm E A#
i'm invisible...
I'm invisible...


. Dm7 Dm
Disobedient heart.. (repeat)
E A# A
Full of longing just tear apart..
Dm7 Dm
I'm done feeling this way..
no more strength for a brand new day..

Stand up tall, walk away..
Precious moments and memories dismay..
And i'll walk out that door..
Dm7 Dm E A#
be invisible..

Another attempt to songwrite on my guitar...
2 verses, 2 choruses and a one bar intro..
it misses a another verse.. a bridge and an ending..

i think this one as a song has feeling
but both the lyrics and the melody can be fine tuned..
oh fyi they chords are power chords..

Well the song speaks its own message..
and everyone can relate i hope..
Tag the board if you have any feedback or ideas k..?

Sunday, October 07, 2007


A year and a month on... i finally leave PPC...
Ken is alseep after we drank half a bottle of Jack Daniels
and a Guiness Draught each..

I'm glad i finally made the move to leave..
I'm not discounting any of the positive experiences i had..

Drinking on the job..
Learning how to PR with customers..
Picking up the basics and aquiring my own style of bartending.
Making friends...

In the course of working, i learnt how to put myself out there..
define myself by my knowledge of alcohol and signiture drinks..
by my wit, personality and friendliness..
I've learnt alot of what it takes to make a business work..
what must be done and attitudes towards staff..
This information and experience is invaluable..

The last is probably the most profound...
I've met so many great friends at ppc..
as customers and collegues..

Cristina, Susan, Johnny, James, and John..
Mas, Sal, Isabella, Spike, Sarah, Alvin, Charles, Rifai and IRma,,

Rida, Kamsul, Siva, Ryan, Ramlan, Faizal
fareed, azmi and sophie.. = )

The toughest part of leaving is never having
the same experiences with them...

I'm Am a Bartender..
its one of those thing i was made to do.. and do well..
Mix drinks with Stlye.. Make customers laugh...
shoot the shit and entertain those sitting by the bar..
Being spontanious and Wild is in my character..

I think its better i move to a place that allows me to learn new things..
Holistically i need to know all i can know.. And i guess that is somewhere else..

Emo as it is, this post was meant to be of rejoice..
i'll miss all of PPC.. the good as wll as the many bads...
It was where i first started out..

My heart will ALWAYS be a part of PPC..
And with that i bid my farewell...

rest easy acid bar and rouge club..
I am sure decent bartenders will come..