Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Its been so long since i felt this way..
like i don't deserve the likes of this world..
powerless to the circumstances of man..

i hate to be emo.. Ask my friends
Last time i felt so dark and gloomy was Jc..
i was one dark broody metal loving kid..
writing all my gothy poems and stuff..

The world embraces us with a vice like grip..
So tight we lose our breath, as the world fades black..
and the last screams we force go unheard..
silent prayers for deliverance..

There is a law that seperates opposites..
confusion and clairity, light from the dark,

And right now.. i'm confused...
con-fu-sion: hazy,lazy mostly hazy..

Is confusion an excuse not to deal with my issues..?
could be.. so much going on.. and i keep putting it aside..
i figure I must not get carried away..
focus on the simple things in life..
friends, work and school..

Emo is the enemy~! *grin*
i should take a trip, unwind and go to my happy place..!

Oh and here are the pic of me and the guys on ken's 21st..
God i love the boys.. Enjoy