Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cocktails are about getting the mix right..
knowing your stuff, what goes with what
and with how much. The reasons for
doing things and why.

Sound familiar? Now I don't mean to be trivial,
but the way I see it, life is like a cocktail. All things
fly when you got the mix right and you take that
first sip. You hear the sound, and breathe it in.
Everything around you heightens and it is
in a word its magic.

we all gotta find the right mix, not take ourselves
too seriously and learn to take it all in. And along
the way we do our best to style it out. : )

Love and Peace..
Where's the Love

Its late, girl be sitting on the bed at night.
Arms crossed, so jaded, waiting for Mr Right.
She knows how it goes and she knows what its like,
waiting for that puzzle piece that fits so tight.
And its tough,
all her thoughts just running around.

so hard to get her feet back firm on the ground.
Wondering about decisions,
all the choices she made.

It all seems kinda shakey,
cuz all the colours have shades.

Hold on for a second, baby take it slow.
Don't need to rush girl just go with the flow.
Pieces fall into place if you let them be,
and when things go wrong,
I'll be here if you need me.

We all have ups and downs. And trying to find that right partner isn't easy. But have faith that things will fall into place and you'd be surprised how they naturally work themselves out. Love and Peace.