Sunday, January 22, 2006


Its kinda funny.. how when things start going wrong..
that people start really kicking it into gear..
so boss isn't happy at the commitment and ownership from commanders..
and i can't say i blame him.. actually had a long talk with him about it..
so he told off the commanders..

So the officers looked at things..
and we're ready to make a change of tempo and commitment..
i hope this new found determination will rub off on others..
i don't wanna put in all this effort
to leave at the end of march
with only a crappy company to show for it..

I'll make a change.. i have to..

have you made a change today..?

'Trapped inside of your eyes,
Gleam like stars above, emptiness inside.
Caught inside of your arms, warmer than the sun,
Emptiness so full
Although I can see, time is not running out,
I still run behind everything.
I don't understand, I embrace every thought,
Everyword...everything. '