Friday, February 13, 2009

Work, Study, Rinse, Repeat....

Been busy the last couple of days checking stuff off my
insurmountable "Things to do List". Which oddly enough
seems to keep growing instead of shortening.
*Scratches Head* Go figure..

5.02Am in the morning and I've decided take a break from
the arduous mugging and video lecture marathon, to strum
out some songs on the guitar and make a quick post.

So I hope you'll put up with my nonsensical and often
melancholic banter. I've noticed the relationships I have a tendency to
fall for or get involved with are always somewhat complicated.
Now before I start getting hate mail and death threats from
anyone, Hear me Out... :)

The onus is on me here and I'm not saying that the individual is
difficult. The context is purely the interaction and basis of the 2
individuals, more so than the one. At point of time you are
probably banging your head and about to throw a fit.
In Simple English..? If I make smarter choices i can avoid the
complications and getting burned...

Now back to the videos..
"where did i leave my popcorn...?"