Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Its almost over..
bags packed lying at the foot of my bed..
Reminiscent of day one..
Come full circle beginning to end..
the end to begin..

A little more skinny,
3.8Kgs lighter,
and wiser of the jungles of tembourong
i emerge.. triumpant badge in hand..
little more than nothing on my mind..
Weary bodies take awhile to climatise
back to sheltered surroundings..

the unease of Nomad..
Followed by the solitude of Hermit..
and the pain of each step of Bone..
Nothing more than just another faint memory
in the back of our minds..

My last post was when i was still in tawian a good 5 weeks ago..
thats a long time.. anyway first off let me fill you in..
i've been in brunei for the last 3 weeks doing my Jungle confidence course..
It is some crazy shit to go tru for a silly badge..
cold.. wet.. hungry.. insect infested.. wet.. you name it..
probably the most uncomfortable environment to survive in..
It was a long and trecherous 3 weeks.. but its over and done with..
Things have changed since then.. i've changed.. just a lil.. here and there..
Miss my Buds.. the marist gang.. the chancery clique.. my family.. and espically my bro..
Ken's in Bmt now.. Charlie Coy~ plt 2 section 1..
so its quiet at home without my bestest bud around..
Congrats To Nick My Second Lta Brudda..~
u made it my man.. finally.. 10 mths Of the shit..
i'll be seein u soon.. but with one Slight Difference~
my shoulder will be carryin the same bar u are..


A little sip of spirit will calm me down..
Everythings a mess chaos all around..
A little more drink will ease my mind..
make me believe that everthing is fine..
Shot glasses lined up.. vodka to the brim..
maybe tomorrow i'll wake up and not have to be him..
Bottle runs dry i can barely stand..
Can't see or hear can't wait to end..