Saturday, December 09, 2006

I heard Something Insightful Yesterday~!!

Me and my work pple had just finished cleaning up..
and we were talkin about girls and boys.. then
rida said.. "Women are easy to love and difficult to understand"
All the guys High-5'ed..!
Enuff Said.. its true innit..?
Uh huh... women are complicated creatures..

Men.. well.. we're men.. you could say we're dull..
and not attentive.. but we really are focused on whats going on..
not so much the feely or emo side of things..
so men are simple men.. that's not always a good thing..
Women are a mystery..which strangly adds to your allure..

but women.. don't expect your man to totally get you..
He is NOT a chick.. well.. most guys aren't..
Please~~~.. just trust that we love ya..
and we are doing our best to understand your ways..
hahaha.. cuz seriously.. its all about the love and trust..
you girls overthink.. and we underthink.. = )
it balances out...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lazy Afternoon..

Its just another lazy afternoon in andrewtown..
i'm doing my laundry.. and gonna play some guitar before work..

todays post.. is about giving yourself..
now this term is vague but i'll dive right in.
To give yourself wholeheartedly..
is putting yourself in a place of selflessness..
where the only gratification is doing it well.. or making the other happy..
could be to anyone or a hobby you see.. in doing so..
a part of you is embodied in the person or object..

Christmas is almost upon us.. i haven't even done my shopping yet..
my shopping consists of walking around just picking stuff for people..
and usually the more expensive the better..!

but this christmas.. i'll give more heart in my gifts..
Whooo boy.. i shall do my shopping tommrrow..
love ya people..

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Leaving on a Jet plane

Its about 4am in the Morning..
Baby's plane should be touching down in Aussie in about 2 hours..!
Hope she has a fun filled holiday there.. let her ease her mind off..
she really deserves it after all that exam stress..
me..? i'll just be livin out my workin days here till she gets back.. Hahaha..
HOw i miss her so.. can't wait till she gets back..
then i'll Give her a MASSIVE hug.. and tell her she's been missed..!

Since working at rouge.. i think PR is right up my alley..
i love talking with people.. sharing.. listening to them..
and many customers actually remember my name
and ask for me when they come back.. makes me feel warm and fuzzy..

the manager of acid bar offered me a bar position at acid..
she says she picks her staff carefully and she wants me..
haha.. well.. i really don't know but i'll take the compliment..

haven't been keeping up on my business books..
really should get summore...!
well good night my sweets

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Its been awhile since i had an all night game..
mom's asleep on the couch..
remote control in hand..
i hear the cars zooming along the highway

I just checked baby's blog..
and i was so afraid i might see something i wouldn't like..
she's been feeling terrible..
with her exam stress, i totally understand..
and i spent today worring about her..
i couldn't focus at work.. lost my temper at a collegue..
even during my game.. i played decent..
but my heart wasen't there at all..
running all my ideas of what i did wrong..
or how she's feeling race around my mind..

last night she was having a breakdown..
and i brushed it off with a remark.. i thought i was being encouraging..
she was really hurt..
I was too harsh.. and i take responsibility for that..
sometimes i think i've been out of school so long i forgot what its like..

i need to be responsible for others listening..
sigh i keep forgeting..
I'm sorry sweetheart.. it was mean of me..
i know you felt scared that you had a paper
you felt that since you had no control over the outcome..
that your efforts didn't matter.. that you didn't matter..
but you do.. you matter to me and your family and your friends..
You may think you are worthless.. but let me tell you..
we certianly don't..
Hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me..

life can be really complicated..
the more educated we get..
the more we have to make meaning of words..
ideas concepts principals..
I am right.. u are wrong.. this is how it should be.. and what not..
we feel that by having a stand..
we are grounded.. we MEAN something..
Some people spend their whole lives in search of the truth..
the answers to the meaning of life.. the holy grail.. love ..
whatever your muse..

and the answer to the meaning of life..?
cookies and milk... yup..
a mustard seed.. freedom..
the sparkle of a childs eyes..
peace.. its whatever you want it to be..
when you are creation.. truth is what you say it is..
love is what you say it is.. and life is..
what you say it is..

i have work tomorrow at 5..
i'd better get some shut eye..

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday Morning.. 0730 hours.. Captian's log..
Just for your information guys..
i'm bartending already~! Woot~~..
Like everything i'll be objective about it..
everything has its pros and cons..
i miss walking the floor.. talking with pple..
now thats really fun..
but the bar gets so hectic sometimes.. with orders left and right..
and i love that moment of chaos.. fantastic..
as usual.. on my short walks home..
i get inspired by stuff and get clarity in different areas of my life..

Todays post is about inspiration..
this is a strange one..
today i was inspired to do things real quick and finish work chop chop..
cuz i was craving cookies and milk.. which i had on my walk home..
don't know what came over me..
but i was reminded of the times in brunei...
the MOTHAF&!@#$ dense jungle and reduced rations..
my 32 km route march in sispec..
oh the blisters and chaffing..
and the shitty times in army..
and there were ALOT of shitty times...
Times when i would have given up..

This is where i wanna thank my Dearest girlfriend..
u have been more of an inspiration to me than you'll ever know..
and i hope that i can be that for you too.. whenever you need me..