Saturday, April 29, 2006

= ).. another eventful week..

Hey All.. Glad u stopped by.. = )
Means alot tt u take a minute of ur day to
bother about what I HAVE to say..

Know exam period as now..
and many of you ARE
hanging on to textbooks for dear LIFE..

Was back in tekong this week..
helping my junior officers with field camp..
teaching them the finer points of welll....
um... finer points of.. *Ahem*
as my mom so bluntly put..
"bossing people around"..
Grin.. just kidding.. its a job.. like any other..

Anyway.. what a week to spend in the jungle..
gosh.. couldn't have picked a wetter damper week..
during one practice.. i literally stood in a large palm plantation..
looking up at the sky..

A literal look through the clouds.. arms open the the embrace.. smiling..
feeling the large drops beat down on the shirt on my back..
hesitant as it slowly soaked my slacks..
only a matter of time before my socks and boots..
feeling the cold drops run along my body..
wet shirt clinging heavy to my body.. i shiver a lil..
but its alright.... it passes.. The dense moisture around..
the smell of Vegetation in the air..
And i smile.. It Feels Great~~ i love it..
and i'll miss it..

Birthday is past.. and i haven't gotten any presents~!
make with the prezies pple~! hahaha..
i Crave suprises~.. haha.. alright..
i'm kidding.. i'm kidding..

time to hit the hay.. good night people..
good morning muggers...

Monday, April 24, 2006


Photos are out.. eh.. first time posting photos
on my bloggie.. but why not..

take a gander.. its up just for fun..
haha.. personally i think the photos don't look
exceptionally good.. but they're alright


gotta crop them smaller and load em up soon..
going for field camp tmr.. AGAIn..

ciao pple.. take care..

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ugh... 21...

sounds very very unglam doesn't it..?
Blow the candles off.. tilt your head back for a laugh..
= ).. Yup.. i'm 21.. *still sounds weird saying tt*

hahaha.. but today was cool.. quiet and peaceful..
just the way i like it.. no "birthday Suprises"
luckily i'm not in camp.. god knows what they'll do to me..
i shudder at the thought...
During this peaceful passing.. i'd just wanna say a few things..

i wanna talk about being thankful..
not so much thank them.. but being thankful FOR them

think i gotta thank all my friends..
ken tris guao zack joe dom belle van..
if i fail to mention ur name i'm sure u won't blame me..

and i need to thank my family..
ken jie and mommy..

n you.. for accepting me for who i am..
understanding and comforting me..

Thanks everyone..
another day of many..
see you all soon.. promise