Sunday, September 19, 2004


Okay.. a weird name for a title.. = )
but lemmie explain.. just had one of those days.
Recently these days come few and far apart..
Still Blur? Alright.. its one of those days that..
well everything just flows.. pieces fit..
basically its a GOOD day (thats for the lay.. LAYMAN!)

Pick ups of the day..? had a really wicked skate session with the guys today.. i haven't skated in ages and was realli rusty, but with the Rush from watching skate videos in the morning, i went hard and fast.. 50-50, 5 O, kickflips.. big ass ollies.. even tried a tre-flip and nollie bigspin.. haha.. ken and sam are pretty good now.. wish i could practice with them and learn new tricks.. but sigh..such is the life of a NATION protector... grinx.

also picked up my issue of FHM US.. with ALysissa Milano on the cover..! *drool* joe will be totally jealous.. haha.. i'll let u look at it.. BUT no touching.. haha..Damn she's fine.. both me and joe worship the ground she walks on.. haha alright.. i MAY be exaggeratin Just a LiL.. but she's one of the top few in my list..

Hmmx.. just came from newton food center.. saw trina there.. talked awhole LOTTA rubbish.. from shoes.. to why alyssia milano is so hot( y can't she see it!?) sheesh.. to her complaining about my JEANS.. AHem.. haha.. ANYWAY.. moving AWAY from that topic..

I'm back home now.. and well thought i'd blog now.. its about 5.. gonna sleep soon.. gotta wake ken up early tmr to study and do my OPS orders homework.. for now i'm headin to my bed.. and gonna curl up under my sheets..

Goodnight everyone..