Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let the Good Times Roll..

I have never been one for chocolates,
but if anything best describes the past 2 weeks,
it would have to be BitterSweet.

I feel blessed and most of all fortunate to have found
someone who thinks, feels and acts on the same level as
I do. And on my part Elated to be able to reciprocate the
same kinds of affections.

Sure, distance and timing don't make it the ideal patch
of soil, but patience, perseverance and hard work will pay
off for a bountiful harvest. I.E., Farmville.. ;)

I should be sad, but my happiness Super-seeds that. The past
few weeks have really been an absolute joy and distance or not,
I'm determined to let the good times roll.

I have faith. :)


Monday, January 11, 2010

Shards of white illuminate the room and the lucent beams cast shadows on the objects below. The shades dance against the walls, wavering ever so slightly as if they were puppets in a play. He waits and wonders, thinks and ponders, waiting for the morning to steal him away from the vivid dreams and loving conversations, leaving him without the companion of another.

The daybreak comes and he is pulled from the comforts he now holds so dear and has now come to be accustomed. The world stops for no man, but he stumbles and realizes now that the sun never really steals the dream, it merely borrows it for the day, to return it in entirety when the night falls. In saying it he makes it real, and in that he takes solace and hope, ready to face the day and whatever challenges await.

For now he looks forward to the nights, his love and the future..