Saturday, November 06, 2004


Alright.. so just gonna post down some general stuf.. *Ahem*.. okay..

i noticed.. well i've been neglecting the marist guys as of late.. most of the time i can't make their meetings and when i can i'm just too damn tired or lazy to drag my scrawny ass down to gardens.. so lemmie start off with a.. " I'm SorrY~.." will make more effort to come down.. tho the journey is a bitch.. haha.. Miss the good times passing out on zacks computer room floor after a long night of PS 2.. laffin at joe getting high on the SMELL of the alcohol.. damn.. and basket ball earli next morning after prata.. good shit man.. joe with his ossacsional "taiko" shot.. and nick with his actzai ness.. and ME.. wit my mad handle I'M gonna make the shot cockyness.. hahaha.. MIss the days..

*Ahem..* two..
Being CPC sucks.. OKAY.. the only damn thing worse than being a CPC.. is being a CPC in GOLF WING.. for those who aren't familiar with the acronym..
CPC = cadet platoon commander

Right.. things starting to make sense now doesn't it.. yeah.. anyway.. I'm CPC.. for god knows how long.. a month..? 2..? sheesh.. now i'm responsible for 39 pples asses.. ( mine included..) NO rest for the weary.. and i gotta fuck the guys when they slack off.. and arrange the day to meet timings.. not to mention write reflections in the CPC book DAILY.. sheesh.. what do they care what i think anyway..

*cough* okay.. last but not least.. three..
This one's abit weird.. Being a cpc.. i see everything from an overview.. so.. i well saw some good things la.. amongst all the bad.. and i dunno.. i guess i could learn alot from some of the guys.. instead of looking at each day as a sufferfest.. i should be more positive.. its the only way i'll make it..

Nightmares crawling up your neck..
fear clutches ur fibres..
Your hands shoot to cover your face..
breathing on your shoulders..
Shadows shoot across the room..
entities of your dark desires..

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Empty without you..

Its not supposed to be like this..
we were meant to be happy..
free.. living life without a care..
but the traffic flows against us..
keeping us apart..
and i'm trying so hard not to break and crumble..
there's no other way.. can't trip or stumble..

A bird in a cage i feel so constrained..
need to break out of these god damned chains ..
but there's no other way.. i have to stick it through..
every minute and second i'm thinking of you..

Your poison flows in my blood..
It burns my skin Running through my body..
won't somebody come and save me..
Loving venom that u gave me..

Give me a reason to believe..
my heart burns and i feel ill..
I might die if i lay still..