Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Audi TT here i comeee....

Yay.. I passed my BASIC THEORY~!
Fine.. it isn't like a BIG thing...but actually..
considering i mugged only last night and this morning
i'm pretty damn happy..

gotta admit.. its been awhile since i last took tests...
had the heebie jeebies..
espicalally when i saw so many of the candidates
whipping out their BASiC theory TEN years series..
OMG.. i was like.. I NEEDED one of those to pass..?!
*time to Freak OUT*

But got down to it and it was alright..
that moment before the com shows PASS or FAIL..
OoohHhh... *grin*

Now.. i'm one step closer to my beloved audi tt...
all i gotta do is hotwire one... Mmmm...
Haha.. well Going to the studio to see the photos taken..
PLease please PLEASE be nice....