Monday, March 02, 2009

Sink away from the thumping beats
into the soothing sounds of harmonic
guitar melodies, dashed with fantasy
and just the slightest bit of melancholy.

Take off the big personality and hang it
on the clothes rack, to just be stripped
and silent. Troubles and worries out
of the pocket and onto the dresser counter,
till nothing more than a blank slate remains.

As the music enshrouds, and the chords take
you on a roller coaster ride in the universe of
your mind, remember what it feels like to
be carried away for the first time,

to love for the first time.

I need to remind myself that i'm done.
really, i know what this road leads to,
i've been down similar tracks. And all
the signs seem the same. I know better
but i know me and i'll still go against
better judgment and give it a shot.
One last shot and i'll walk away.