Friday, April 07, 2006


Oohh.. having my portfolio shoot tmr..
nervous.. wonder if it'll look good..
Hope i have everything i need...
Always thought i looked bad in photos..
Eeee yuck.. Well nothing to it but to do it..
Hope its cool.. = )

In this world of uncertianty..
working with possibility and probability

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Thats all boy can say.. Over And over..
Hand Quivering.. He can barely hold back tears..
He looks up to the sky..
boy is not meant for love..
Romantic "i love yous"..
now mean less than a dime
perfect broken if you don't mind..

He'd gladly tear out his still beating heart..
lest that will stop the pain..
He yearns to hear her voice.. once..
here's to you his world haf gone..
before his eyes.. an eternal bond..
can't live without.. you..
i Need Her.. She's falling far..

Lost and seeking guidence..
anyone.. anything.. a sign.. a voice..
vision impared by the longing..
he just wants a yesterday...
when everything was okay..
a tomorrow thats a dream..
how perfect it would seem..

The Buring sensation in your heart
That words cannot describe..
The cut made by love is
deeper.. more painful than any other..
But Boy.. remember..
As you sleep tonight with tears in your eyes..
That time Heals all wounds..
Heart and body..

its you against the world..
u feel so alone..
tomorrow seems like an impossibility..
but you'll live another day..
With faith in the imperfect..
And Tears that aren't worth it..

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Back To Square 1...

Hope you are doing well.. Life treatin u alright.. ..? = )
Been Hitting the clubs and drinks alot lately..
Hope its not becoming a habit.. guess at the back of my head..
i'm always looking to bump into a familiar face..
~hahaha..~ the occasional cute girl..
its strange.. kinda boring nowadays..
Don't know whats gottn over me.. its like.. shoot and Miss..~
mmMmm.. think i need a new crowd to club with..
test the waters..? mm..? hahaha..

On a Different note.. Heading back to Bmt..
Done at guards.. HOPE i've left some impression on the men..
first time in an operational unit.. Learned so much..
would convert to guards, given the chance..
hahaha.. and also ord..? mmMm.. yupp..
That means i'll be bumming arnd the house..
Pple~! If ya got fun stuff to do.. CALL me...~
club.. climbing.. skating.. whatever man.. = )