Tuesday, June 05, 2007

As ..

Venting my loneliness on my dearest guitar..
playing chords that don't even match the song..
Trying to ignore the tugging in my chest..
and focusing on keeping it together..

Still can't grasp as to why..
And my only concern is this..

I truely pray you didn't leave because you felt you had nothing to offer..
because there is no bigger lie than that.. and if so..
let me reassure you.. you couldn't be more wrong..
= ) no need for selfless sacrifices..

i think and hope i was a good boyfriend..
i did my best.. if i hurt you.. it wasn't my intention..

i know ur hurting.. sacrifices you've made..
with nothing but good intentions..
my heart will always support and guide you..
to grow and learn.. for strength and support..

as for myself.. well i'm hurting too..
but i respect your decisions..