Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Three days Grace..

Your bottle's almost empty..
You know this can't end well..
Because of you my mind is always racing..
The needles breaking your skin
the stories sinking in..
and now your trip begins but its all over..
its all over for you..
for you..

when your on the edge and falling off..
Its all over..
i know what runs through your blood..
You do this all in vain..
because of you my mind is always racing..

and now you're dead inside..
Still you wonder why..

I Love my rock.. absolutly can't live without it.. and there're so many cool albums to listen to.. My chemical romance has released The Black Parade. Taking back sunday has released Louder Now.. Ohh.. this is a good one.. I am Ghost has Lovers Requiem..
The Black maria has A Shared History of Tradgey.. Three Days Grace has Onex..
Tsk tsk.. a feast for the senses..

Rock has always been a safe haven for my pain and lost.. a drug to release all shackled inside.. To which i'll be eternally greatful..