Sunday, July 11, 2004

Love Is...

Hi.. its me.. andrew..Owner of this here blog..
remember..? its been 2.. 3 weeks..?
know i haven't posted in the longest time..
Do people still come here..?
Got company confinement next week and
thought i'd jot down some thoughts..

Lemmie just start..
Love Is.. for those of you who DO know..
i'm not talking about the nike AIR JORDAN ads..
as much as i love em.. so here we go..

Its totally weird..
if you believe in love at first sight.. ur naive..
and a love that lasts a lifetime..? ur unrealistic..
so Where exactly are we..? Love is..? love is...
Well i don't know.. but if i were to guess..?
it be in the present.. but thats just me..
and well its got me nowhere..

Anyone caught that french film "love me if you dare"?
just watched it at home.. and something hit close to home.
There comes a point where love stops being a game..
Wish i had known earlier.. anyone who knows me knows i love games..
and for most of my life its been nothing MORE than a game..
Well.. Until now.. Who knew that it hurt so much..?
think that i torture myself over this all the time..
When the games stopped.. and i seriously looked at it again..
this path just took on a long and bumpy ride..
On many occasions it worries me that i put so much heart into it..
knowing that if it doesn't work out its gonna hurt like hell..
Its crossed my mind to just leave.. no traces.. or goodbyes..
just like before.. cuz its scary..
but no.. in the greater scheme of things..
it pays to follow dreams.. well at least i believe so..

Has anyone read "The Alchemist"?
i had time this week in camp and finished the book..
it talks about love , life and being..
its pretty insightful to say the least..
so here i'll end off.. got alot running through my head..
sorry if the post sounds choppy..
see you people in 2 weeks..

"The Worst feeling in the world is to be surrounded by people and still feel totally alone."