Thursday, August 17, 2006


Here's the story of 2 basketballers.. whom i actually saw at the cainhill CC just now.. haha.. and i had this breakthrough.. and like WHOA..

so check it out..
basketballer number one.. he's from china.. mid forties.. wears a singlet and like.. those khaki work pants..? but short ones and has those thick square framed glasses.. Just imagine la.. he doesn't play too good.. i was observing how he only looked at the hoop when he had the ball and not his team mates.. took wild shots and lets say was.. 3 out of ten for shooting..

SO Basketballer number two.. also from china.. mid to late twenties.. totally geared up in balling gear.. headband.. NIKE singlet and shorts.. AND1 shoes.. shoots well.. can't really communicate with his buddies but nails 3 point shots again and again.. he SCORES points.. and he does it well..~

2 totally different players.. well.. with the exception that they are both from the same motherland.. = ) Good player.. and bad player..

for explaination they played different games.. so player one was in game one.. and player two in a later game.. NOW.. you would assume that the team with player TWO would be MUCH better off.. wouldn't you..? he makes shots.. goes for the basket fast.. and scores points~!

here's the thing.. teams these players were on.. both lost..!
LOGICAL deduction...?!?! china players lose games..?
far from it..!

these teams trailed the games early.. and never caught up and ended up losing badly.. and in that moment i saw what created winning teams..
team mates who were more intent on creating opportunities for OTHERS to score, rather THEN taking it themselves.. no matter HOW good they WERE.. when the opposing team passed the ball around it was poetry in motion.. none of them was particularly good.. but they kept scoring..! cuz one guy always had a good opportunity created by a teammate.. Creating possibility in others eh..? hmmm.. and when the whistle blew.. suprise suprise.. they WON..

when the match was over.. no one congraulated the china guy who scored points.. not one.. everyone patted the guy who assisted MAKING the goals.. helping a buddy in making it possible..! i WAS amazed~!

couple of days back.. i was on course..
and i made the stand to be greatness in other people..
that i would be and would help move and inspire others to achive the same..
and i saw.. how meaningful life would be.. to "pass the ball so others can score"
its simple to shoot and score.. live life for yourself..
but if AND when you do reach that goal.. what about everyone else...?

and then you would say..
"the meaning of life sure is lonely"
To all my friends.. who do or have at one point in time visited my blog..
i love you guys.. i may not spend my time with you..
i'm lazy that way.. but wow.. thanks..