Saturday, February 14, 2004

~Ah Valentines~

It's like EVERYWHERE i look.. there it is...~
its hearts.. flowers.. couples along orchard.. the colour RED~!
valentine chocs, the sound of sappy love songs in my ear all day..
EVEN in my ole reliable friend the Tv.. lovey cartoons.. ALL shows~
even Mtv was playing sappy videos all dae..*Gosh*
i swear any more westlife, garath gates, richard marx or anyone else..~,
and i'll get a gun and shoot myself... twice even.. haha.

*sigh*.. don't get me wrong.. not that i despise valentines.. but well...
i always get abit moody when valentines comes..
and with good reason..~! u GUESSED it..~
either they don't stay with me long enuff till valentines..haha *kidding*
or.. i can't spend it with the person i want to..~
*sigh* its tradgy... a cryin shame ya hear...
so understand if i feel a lil bummed...
kinda remembered this happening last year too.. its a lil deja vu..

how i wish it would work out for a year.. just ONE year.. okay.. now I'M acting sappy..
all the marist guys are cosy with their gfs.. joe and zack..
hmmx... i guess the real reason i get bummed is cuz.. well..
i always saw myself being happily attached.. right out of secondary school..
of course the beautiful supermodel in my dreams was optional..
and the guys expected me to get attached too.. but it just never happened..
WHICH leads me to thinking... WHAT exactly am i doing wrong..~?

To be honest i Do want to spend it with somebody..
she has no idea too.. how ironic.. haha.. well so are the ways of Lurve..
well for me that is..~ for me, stuff tends not 2 work out..
ARgH~! i need to drink.. yah thats it..~ i'll grab a beer..
sweet beer... will YOU be my valentine..?
eh... okay.. i'm sounding a lil delusional.. okay maybe more than a lil..~
gimmie a break..

i'm gonna drink... catch you later.. once again.. and i sincerely mean it..
happy valentines for those attached.. ~!
Esp zack and belle and joe and anna.. stay strong Biaches~
but as usual.. i'm gonna be drinking alone on the other side.
let's end with something aBIT sappy..

"i cannot be without you, matter of fact.. i'm on your back.
if you walk out on me, i'm walking after you.."
Foo Fighters.Walking after you. *great song
Hmmmx... okay...
todays plans 2 go Nee Ann didn't work out..
*sigh* was lookin 4ward to see whats there..
jam studio.. video editing.. and movies~
so since sam and my bro wanted 2 go skate park..
i kinda reluctantly went.. i dunno.. i dun feel at home there..
din realli skate well oso la.. wan was there tho..
yah i learnt how 2 frontside shuv.. n0t consistant .. but can la..
now my right shin is blue and black man..
damn shuv kept hitting my leg.. can play chess on it... haha
yah feeling damn sian.. once in awhile i get the feeling i wanna quit skating...
seriously considering going back to climbing..
start training.. get back to good form.. maybe even go competitive again..
sigh.. anyway i'm too lazy and tired to start that again now..
i just remembered~!tmr.. oops.. i mean TODAE is valentines day..
wanna wish all those celebrating all the best..
Me..? i'll probably catch a flick with a cold beer and some popcorn..
In the words of joe.. i seriously need a gf man.. Hahax..
HeY dude... tryin my freakin best here..~!
anyway.. gonna take sum medicine and sleep...

Without you By Silverchair

Miles away
There's hopeless smiles brighter than mine
And I need for you to come and go
Without the truth falling out

Old incisions refusing to stay
Like the sun through the trees on a cloudy day

Socially scared and impaired
If the trees will bloom the wind can blow
Without the fruit falling out

Feels like the wind blows
Holding you with us
She takes no other
Falls light and ashes
Blooming like winter
Dry eyes and cracked lips
Under the stone wall
Withdrawn and wishless

And you brighten my life like a polystyrene hat
But it melts in the sun like a life without love
And I've waited for you so i'll keep crying out
Without you

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Hmmx... wondering what 2 blog.. keep sneezing.. no appitite..
i'm feeling.. abit under the weather.. damn flu.. No.. its not the bird kind..
basically spent todae in class..and i will be doing the same tmr..
last of the 2 cert classes.. realli can't wait..!
will be going down 2 neeann poly tmr.. to chill with the guys..
enjoi the movie marathon.. maybe jam a lil & edit OUR skate vid.. haha..
they should show a skate video marathon man..~ that would roK~!
stuff like..
harsh euro barge.. yeah right.. sorry.. really sorri.. DC video
beware the flare.. second 2 none.. subject 2 change.
that would totally rule.. yah anyway.. need 2 skate.. got 2 finish our runs~!
then we can finish the fucking video man.. its taking damn long..
Oh & 3na? if the post on ur blog is abt me? than thanks.. its so sweet..
if its not than.. err.. forget i said that.. Muahahax.. wtf rite..? thick skin man..
anyway i need 2 go take a carentine.. and eat sumthin..
& in case i don't see you tmr.. good afternoon,good evening and good night..
Ciao babY~!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Sweeet~.. internet is finally back up..
would think of sumthin to blog about ...but.. i'm too.. errr lazy..
Oh.. in case you haven't heard.. me and sam kinda "saved"
a border collie yesterade.. yah it was freaking wandering on the main road.
almost got knocked down twice.. has a collar but no tag on it..
suprisingly she's realli well groomed and trained dog..
woke up at 6.30 to get the dog from sam todae..
damn dog has so much energy.. and now i'm all worn out..

So here's a song. Its pretty good.

The Greatest View by Silverchair

You're the analyst
The fungus in my milk
When you want no one
And you got someone
Through the wind
You crawl
And laugh at burning dunes
When no one else will
Ever see

Now that you know why you feel like you do
They're turning their head whilst they wait
For no one
And finally I know why you feel like letting go

I'm watching you watch
Over me and I've got
The greatest view from here
I'm watching you watch
Over me and I've got
The greatest view from here

Mistakes don't mean a thing
If you don't regret them
So pack your tactic toes for the winter
Chain a waterfall to burned and withered skin
No-one else will ever see

I'm watching you watch
Over me and I've got
The greatest view from here
I'm watching you watch
Over me and I've got
The greatest view from here

Now that you know why you feel like you do
They're turning their head whilst they wait
For no one
And finally I know why I feel like you're letting go

I'm watching you watch
Over me and I've got
The greatest view from here
I'm watching you watch
Over me and I've got
The greatest view from here
The greatest view from here
The greatest view

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

= )

Okay... so the title may seem silly but what the heck..
i'm just bored and glad to haf SOMETHING 2 do..
can you believe it.. it was sunny but rained for 10 mins just now..
now the ground is all wet.. *sigh*
its like gods just trying to tick me off.. haha..
my internet connection SHOULD be up BY tmr..
Bloody starhub pple better come damnit..~
then i won't have to blog at lan shops or mom's office Nemore..

nuthin much happening around the tham house hold..
ken has his leadership course.. mom is doing MORE cert courses..
and jie.. is well not at home most of the time.. PRESUMABLY working..
hahax.. maybe i should ge a job..? but i got Ns in like close 2 a month..

Well on the ^ side.. had a good laugh hanging around town last night..
it SAVED me from dying from boredom.. gotta hang out again soon..
well i'm gonna play some games so will blog TMR~! yay~
go starhub~! Go starrhub~!

Monday, February 09, 2004


okay.. its 1.30 and i'm at a lan shoppie.. gonna grab lunch after..
Wow.. blog.. hmmx.. Its pretty funny...
cuz my internet is down at home.. i keep wanting to go online.
you know.. to d/l music,check mail,chat and blog...
and i'd thought i'd have alot to blog about since i haven't posted in...
3.. 4 days? suprisingly... nah nuthin much.. i'm bored..

lets see...had a real wicked skate session with the guys and WAN yesterdae..
that guy never fails to impress.. i nailed my 50.50 180 outs on the box..
pretty psyched on those..
worked on kickflips.. and even tried to do it down the stairs..
buT~ i didn't land a single one.. CLOSe .. but no cigar.
i realli need to work on those.

Oh~! AND i finally finished my 3 cert courses..!
well.. there's a little matter of homework all due in a month..
*good god~!* but at least i don't have to attend classes..
well until my diploma course starts next wed...
But thats like onli once a week.. so i dun realli mind..
about my whole problem..? its much better now..
still buggin but nuthin too serious .. kinda wish it would all go..?
hopefully time heals all? yah i'm betting on that man..

speaking of which.. zack..? choy? joe..? i had a dream of hyldia man..
it was so freaky.. and came outta nowhere..
DUDE..~ scarey shit man..
anyway.. tummy is grumbling.. or in the words of joe..
is there anything 2 eat..? haha.. just joking bro..
btw thanks for the e-mail form camp.. appreciate it..
i even felt touched.. can you believe that..?
yah right..! thanks again~!..

here's a quote form a cartoon..(yes~ a cartoon!)
but its good.. trust me... here it is.
"in this life love is probably your only shot at true happiness,
and if you are going to let a little rejection get to you,
people are just going to walk all over you."