Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mr Nice Guy

OKay.. i'm just gonna rant.. and this is coming from a place..
that well.. simply put its just buzzings in my head.. so ..

Mr nice guy.. working at rogue and acid bar.. i see a tonne of guys..
now these guys come in with different girls each night.. pretty girls..
and they open bottles of hennesy or black label.. averaging $250 a bottle..
strange thing.. and don't go judging me.. but i always thought i'd be like that..
you know, the ladies man.. with pretty girls.. drinks are always on me..

but.. know what.. i find that as far back as i can remember..
as much as i wanted to do All out flirting with girls..
i just never have been able to.. its like.. the fibres in me are wired..
to BE.. Mr Nice guy.. don't listen to my friends.. they'll say ii'm a Biach..
*grinx*.. Turns out i'm inhibited to DO stuff like that..
Seducing a girl with booze and waiting for her to mess up..
i just can't.. cuz well.. i have a sister..
and i'd kill anyone who even tries something like that..

ah well.. looks like i'll always be the dorky guy who does the right thing..
sends the girl home in a cab.. home safe.. and pay the fare..
that is.. on the OFF chance i'm not drunk myself..

well its in the wiring.. and i'm not gonna fight it..
i have and always be the goofy funny mr nice guy..

NIGHT everybody~!