Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Marley And Me..

So this book has been my companion over the last 3 weeks..
on the busrides to and from school..
and quiet moments before classes..
i chuckled as i gingerly read page after page..
always careful to keep the book in its prestine condition..
Taken on a journey with the writer on his highs and lows..
scenes from the book playing a visual image in my head..

So i'm reaching the end of the book..
and one paragraph in particular..
This one paragraph reaches out and grabbes me..
The writer is at ground zero for 9-11 the night after..
And 2 emotions stand out amongst the turmoil..

Pride.. and Humility..

Pride in the everyday people that stepped up in crisis..
selfless individuals willing to risk life and limb..
To help a stranger..
Humility in appreciation of life..
and regonizing the fraility that all of us
no matter how big or small.. can be broken..

The boundless capacity of the human ceases to amaze..
Good night everyone..