Friday, August 20, 2004


So Finally finished 10 weeks of bslc.. Went through ALL the exercises, never reported sick or fell out.. Completed my nutcracker.. Grandslam.. and 32Km route march.. that was last night for ur info.. My Whole body is achin.. the soles of my feet are blistered.. shoulders brused.. and since we marched through the night.. i haven't got a wink of sleep.. and after all of this i'm still here standing.. and the posting is out.. lookin back i remember the first week how "garang" i was.. aiming to go ocs and all.. less than 2 weeks after i decided it was too hard and gave up. So the weird thing is... I made the OCS transfer..~! i'll be joining golf wing on wednesday starting the second term.. its weird cuz i'm not AS happy as i thought i would be.. i'm leaving behind Good friends.. and a good section.. but As usual life and time waits for no one.. we must press on..

I was awarded foxtrot platoon best today after the march.. the ceremony was torture~ pure TORTURE.. after the 32 km.. i coulden't even straighten my knees without them aching.. not to mention stand at attention in the field for another hour.. but when the LTC of Sispec gave me my rank.. it was all worth it.. the pain melted away for a brief second..

Got my posting at 2 but was held back till about 5+.. and lugged ALL my stuff and stores back home.. so took a cab.. thats IT.. all i remember of the week..

Was pretty stressed out cuz i was the LPS.. but the guys were all co-operative.. anyway.. may go club this weekend.. and to the movies.. and.. well.. Other stuff.. I know the foxtrot platoon 2 guys may not read this but i'll miss u guys..

Sunday, August 15, 2004

What a weekend.. Seems like i'm in a run of good luck..
well good isn't exactly the word.. cuz i'm feeling Kinda awkward about it all.. so here's for those who may not have heard.. erm..

1) Apparently i'll be getting foxtrot platoon 2's platoon best when i graduate form SISPEC this friday.. god knows how that happened.. i don't exactly stand out of a crowd.. i just do my job.. BUT do it well of course~ grin.. so yar.. never been the best before.. so its abit weird to say the least.. feeling a tad uncomfortable about it...

2) Secondly.. i Think.. i made the transfer to OCS after finishing my BSLC.. For the layman.. OCS= officer cadet school and BSLC=Basic Section Leader Course. So yar.. only the top 5 % get to cross over to OCS from SISPEC.. and i had grueling interviews with my OC and CO to get the place.. So my name's been sent to ocs.. weather i Do get the place.. well i'll know by friday.. the strange thing is that.. intitially i REALLY wanted to go.. that was for the first 2 weeks of sispec.. now.. i'm not so sure.. well i'll take things as they come i guess..

3) Was hanging out in town with some old Marist Guys.. shooting sum pool.. walked 2 HMV after.. and when i was in the mambo shop looking at the watches.. a lady came up to me and asked if i would like to be entered in the Teen magazine model contest or something.. she said erm.. "i was quite suitable".. Whatever that means.. The first thing me and nick thought was.. DAMN.. they must be pretty damn desperate.. haha.. So i just gave them my particulars.. got straight out of the store.. i got a freaked out vibe.. *shudder*.. Ugh.. Me? in a magazine..? that i've never read before..? yuck..~ can't exactly see myself doing that..

So thats it for the awkwardness..
just got back from the Hoobastank concert..
went with tris.. brendon.. the ny girls.. tash and tiffany..
it was.. Good.. damn man.. not great..
but up there..was like.. 3 rows from the lead singer..
we were sharing the same air.. grin..
The energy was great.. Really Good stuff..
They played songs like..
Running Away.. Crawling in the dark.. Pieces.. Just one.. Same Direction.. remember me.. and the reason..

After all that..supper at Newton.. and a couple of beers.. Ahhh..~ Tired and sleepy.. but what a night.. Going out for some alone time.. and well.. sleep.. got a Long week before graduation.. 6Km and 8Km fast march.. 32km route march.. my poor feet..

The Rasmus. Guilty
"i put a shield upon you
i didn't mean to hurt you
i would have only poisoned your mind
never meant to make you cry"