Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is it too early in the year to type a post on love..? (: ahh, why not?Over the years there are some truths about love i hold near and dear..these rules are actually really apparent to everyone.. but yet we fail to adhere..which only leads to trouble.. So here's how it goes..

1) When you like someone, its kinda like we are blindfolded to the obvious and all we can see is our desire to be close to them. But here's the catch, cliche as it is You really can't force love. Especially when the other party just doesn't feel the same way. Trust me, I've tried. So let love just take its course.

2) Cosmic. Here is where my whole philosophy on love takes shape. I believe in cosmic connection. You can call it fate, luck or whatever. But the jist of it is that Firstly Everything has its time and place. That means, the perfect person will be there when he or she is meant to be there. No need to rush or force anything, it'll just happens. Secondly, the cosmic connection. Its like not only are there sparks but in a moment you know. In a word its magic.

So in 2 tidy sentences..
Relationships are all about going with the flow..
and when a good one happens.. its awesome..