Friday, March 19, 2004

Just gonna update on wad i've been up 2..

ChinaBlack was well good, BUt i dunno. last time i went it was more fun. it wasn't PACKEd for one.. so yah.. ,din see much cj pple.. *sigh* and Guao had to leave earli.. leaving me and tris 2 drink alone.. but on the upside, i got to drink alot.. haha.. main objective satisfied.. and there were so many hot girls dancing man.. i was like.... Whoa... dude... haha.. yah anyway.. walked home and slept @ 4.30am.. woke up at 7.30am for my counselling session at the woodlands centre.. man.. 3 hrs of sleep.. and energetic kds just do NOT go together.. ledt the centre at about 5.10..? totally pooped and on the verge of nodding off on the LooonnNng trainride home..
and thats it.. me having 2 daes totally well spent..

Wednesday, March 17, 2004


Yah.. okay.. so for those who DON'T know..~
i was and still am going tru a rouch patch..
just alot of stuff to work out.. things to handle..
shit like that.. and i won't sae i'm recovered..?
but yah.. i feel better..

Just wanted to pop by.. fill in stuff i've done..
u know just for anyone whose interested ..
dun tihnk are any but wad the fuck right..?
so here it is..
1) attachment at woodlands social service center..
yah i've recently started counseling kids there.. doing practicum hours.. getting the jist of the job.. the kids are around primary 5? yah and its.. well.. actualli i realli don't mind it..! i get to hang out.. help them with work.. interact.. talk about problems.. have a good laugh.. and the pple there are nice to work with.. easy to get along with too..

2) hanging out with my "bruddas"..
Met up with All my close guy frenx recently.. met nick on saturday night after he booked out.. and played pool at meridian.. and then had dinner.. music at hmv.. talked about girl problems.. army.. uni.. haha all the good stuff..
Met up with Hao on Sunday~.. he came over and we had sum dinner.. talked about old times... HIS girl problems.. i tried 2 gif advice.. and then me, my bro and him some beer.. Yeah babY~! OooOh.. i Realli Needed that.. that realli~ hit the spot.. and my lil bro can't handle his beer... awww.. haha he went home and me and guao talked about *ahem*~i dude.. u can DO it~! and we actualli met up again on MONDAy to play lan.. and Pool.. and eh.. i showed him sum *tricks* of the andrew trade.. actualli at the last minute we almost went to china black that night.. but it was too sudden.. so yah.. THURS MAN~..

3) And thinking...~
Last but not least.. i've been doing ALOT of thinking.. and this is realli NEW for me.. ask anyone man.. they'll tell you that its what i do the least.. hahax.. yah well just about stuff.. talking with the guys made me think about my stuff so yah i needed that.. and i've been writing poems.. not good ones but yah.. gotta have an outlet somwhere.. so yah.. when i said i wanted to be alone.. i just needed time apart from every damn thing..

got course tmr.. and dental appointment in the morning to take out my braces.. Yay~! hope it doesn't fucking hurt.. anyway.. still got tonnes to do..

"When it's pretty time
Look into your mind
Don't wait

I'm gonna get free (X3)
Ride into the sun
She never loved me (X3)
Why should anyone? "
The Vines.Get Free