Sunday, May 20, 2007

Reflections in the Water..

To Live.. to Learn.. and to Love..
Life can be condensed as such..
Today i looked at myself..
I don't like what i see..

Scared of the future and the uncertianty it holds..
and my place in it..

Blood and Water

Nice guys finish last.. its times like this i couldn't agree more..
there is nothing to be gained from being the good guy..
fun will always go to those who couldn't give a flying Fu**..
those who can't be bothered about repurcussions on others..
i wonder if doing the right thing all the time is even
appreciated in this day and age..
being responsible.. putting others before self..
making sacrifices.. self worth..
At the end of the day.. Do they mean anything..?
Personally i get so irritated with people who rush into the
MRT the moment the doors open.. without letting people
inside out first.. they are totally oblivious to the painted
yellow dirctions on the floor..
Sometimes I feel like i give and the world just takes..
Selflessness is gone.. and this world sickens me..


Forgive me.. i'm usually not so emo..
but well its just one of those days i feel i must vent..
and where better than here.. in my own little private canvas..
i'm just abit worn down by the world i guess..