Sunday, March 20, 2005

Finish Line..

I'm in camp now, doing CDS duty today..
all becuz of an extra i didn't deserve to get..
And i did try to explain the situation..
wasn't gonna take the rap for no reason..
but REGARDLESS.. i'm still here..
and i've come to learn that..
there are some things in life that you should just do..
(terms and conditions apply)

Anyway.. 2 more weeks to commisioning..
For all The crap i've been through and AM going through RIGHT now..
that its okay.. i'll just take it.. some things aren't with fighting for..
souds to mellow for me huh..?? Grin..
And u must be asking.. "WHATS WITH THE PINK~~"
... ... ... it goes will with my background okay..

platoon assault course and Panther are over..
Just 2 more weeks of parade rehersals...
sigh.. realised i really need a break from the army..
Did you hear..? my lil bro got into ocs too..!
he'll be here as a cadet while i'm commisioning..
How COOL is that..! anyway.. i'm So proud of my little bro..
No one more deserving than him.. He'll make a fine officer..
an officer with a mean HARDflip and fakie frontside flip~?
Scary shit.. haha

just wanna play guitar and skate like the old days..
als those days have passed.. it like growing up..
now i have commitments... to me.. my friends.. my family..
now i that i work 4 the SAf.. its like i'm sliding into my
roles as a leader.. a grown up.. sigh..
not too sure if thats a good thing..

Anyway Sorry for Missing YOur Birthday DEAR..!
make it up to ya.. ; ) promise~..