Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Emo Daes...

I don't think anyone follows my blog these days..
but for the record.. occasionally i have my 'Emo daes' posts..
this would be my second or third.. i'm lazy to count..
I guess its just one of those days eh..?
'the cure' and 'radiohead' on my playlist..
perfect for stoning out and emoing..

I generally dislike the feelings associated with 'Emo'..
worry, sadness, insignificance, isolation, uncertianty..
but we all have our moments..

Its almost 4 in the morning and i'm planning on staying up till 6..
its times like these when you face the fears that rattle the cages..
Emoing is that private state where.. it all runs free.
leaving the very vunerable beings that we are, at the center of it all.

question..? are the people who DON'T have these days..?
or are we just a special breed (so to speak)
How strong they must be.. fearless and free..
How i wish i didn't have these episodes..
I'm not manic depressent am i..?

"great now i'm talking to a voice in my head and posting it on my blog, which can exactly reflect a perfectly sound state of mind. Not one of my wisest moments."

Like i said, Emo daes, only those of us unfortunate enough to have it
will understand what a bitch it is..

Back to the books..