Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I always wished i could type beautifully like some of the girls i know.
And after reading their blogs I'm always left with two things.
One, inspiration to write something meaningful.
Two, the realization that i lack the writing ability to do so.

Georgia with her, "Queen of the world, I am right and anyone who thinks
otherwise will be sentenced to a slow painful death" straight anecdotes,
and Sophie with her "Let me take you on a serene journey, through events
in my life, through boundless questions where insight and enlightenment lie"
daily observations. And then there's me, who after reading their posts,
ends up feeling like i belong back in primary school remedial english.

Somehow i manage to butcher my thoughts no matter how profound
and beautiful, tearing it to shreds somewhere between thought to finger
to keyboard.

Amazing isn't it.. :)

i blame my gender.........