Tuesday, August 12, 2008

She's the kinda girl that blows your mind
you never seen one look so divine.
She's the kinda girl that drives you insane
you watched her dance from your window pane.
She's the kinda girl that drives you wild
whenever she flashes that sassy smile.

she is, everything you ever wanted
and everything you could possibly need.
you know you're in love.

Spun around the dancefloor she lips:
"When the day comes look into my eyes."
He puts his hand in the small of her back and whispers
"Tonight is the start of our brand new lives."

I'll see you in a week.. i'll be in Bangkok with the Boys...
Much Love..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sweet Sweet Relief..

Okay, exams are finally over and I've been putting off this post since Friday.. but in my defense, this last week has REALLY REALLY worn me out physically and mentally. Late nights wrecking my brains over managerial accounting and business statistics, my body running solely on redbull and junk food. But, it's finally over. Not blogging was one of those," I wish i had more time to do it, when exams are on, but now that exams are over, I'll put it off" kinda things. After my paper on friday and celebrating Shawn's 18th at doubleO the same night, i've pretty much been just catching up on loss sleep for the week before. Sleep... sweet sweet sleep..
I think I've worked really hard this sem. Been pushing for straight A's. not even -A's. And I really hope i get it, just to validate my efforts. Anyway, basketball tmr and Bangkok on Thurs.. :)
Let the vacation Begin~