Friday, January 26, 2007

Cr-Ump-ler B-A-G

Hey guys..!

I Have Original Crumpler bags

Going @ 15% off store price..

Gonna upload the Photos here so u can check em out..

tag or sms Moi if ur interested k..

Prices are..

Complete Seed--------- $152

Barney Russel Blanket--$135

The Outlet Prices are $179 And $159 respectivly..
so the savings work out to be about $30-$25 bucks.. = )
I have them in green red yellow grey and blue..

Love Andrew

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Forgotten How to love..

Remember a time in this world thats so blind..
a momentus second thats so truly divine..
You gave your heart so scared you'd might die..
to another in hopes that she just might smile..

So lonley these nights as i lie in my bed..
thoughts of existance run through my head
like a bullet train with no destination..
not far or near in sight of the staion..

and again if i die the world'd stay the same..
no major changes for better day..
and we still live for ourselves so petty and small..
so terribly insignificant we are all in all..

The games in our head we become so scared..
to live and to love we're all so impaired..
to see..