Sunday, September 26, 2004

21 Km..

Okay.. so my legs have NEVER been through such torture ever..Its crazy now that i think about it... it still boggles the mind..i mean.. to me it just never occured that i could run 21km..or even 5km.. or 6km.. haha.. well u get my point.. i just can't really see myself running unless ABSOLUTLY necessary..but any 2hrs and 7 mins ain't bad timing at all..

During the run i found.. that i ran faster and pushed harder.. because my friends were there.. I was SO happy to see my SISPEC buddies and sergeants.. we laughed and joked.. and i saw friends from maris stella.. It was really just like old times.. and these guys just kept my morale up.. so i ran even faster when i got tired.. Strange huh..? Friends mean the world to me.. Thinking of the pple suppporting me just kinda made the jarring in my ankles and the cramping of my calves melt away.. if even for that one second.. So yah~.. i love u all.. but damn thats one hell of a long run..
Glad i made it.. but good god.. NEVER AGAIN..~ My feet are begging me..

So ANYWAY i've ranted on long enough about the run.. So when i came home... HE was staring at me with those Glaring eyes.. I could feel its wrong move and he would leap for my neck..his tall lean body prone to strike in a heartbeat.. thats right~! all 4kgs of my new Miniature snauzer..( is that how u spell it???) Haha.. yeah.. mom and jie decided to get a dog.. cool huh..? Its adorable.. but its realli causing major family tension between..
Ken ("The Anti-Dog") and Jie("the Pro-Dog")

To me it doesn't matter either way.. i could live with or without him.. i mean.. i'm in camp 5 days a week... anyway.. the guys are waiting.. gonna go acs barker and skate..Oh and Btw.. i just got the new Papa Roach Cd.. and its a good 4\5 Stars man.. A must listen.. Rock on pple... rock on..