Thursday, October 05, 2006

There he is..
You sit there on your heartache..

i know what i feels like... time after time..
it just squeezes me dry..
i feel like such a fool.. too bad for me..
it just sucks.. to be..

the devils water it ain't so sweet..
you don't have to drink right now..
but you can dip your feet..
every once in awhilee..

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Its about 4.15am..? today went well.. smooth sailing n stuff..
I saw that model\actress desiree.. i think thats how you spell her name..
yea.. thats something to mention.. boring day at work otherwise.. haha..

Finally got insipired to pick up my guitar again..
and i am So out of touch.. my chords sound off, scaling is slow..
i can't seem to get the sound i want from my pedal..
i find it hard to think of songs to play even.. sheesh..
all that adds up to.. i need to practice..!
grinx.. oh and another thing..

i got my hair cut at Ashley's salon..!
my bro and sis have been raving about this FAB gay hairdresser..
whose haircut is an EXPERIENCE.. haha well..
yea.. it was pretty good.. but i can't seem to style it like he did the next day..
haha.. take a gander.. its my new hair Du..

Not to far off from my usual.. but i like it..
styling possibilities are more and it's more flexible..

did i mention tt trina bought me lunch To my house
the other day.. omg.. she is such a sweetheart..!
gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside..
the kind you get when..
you have that first taste of a freshly poured beer..
or when um.. a baby is born.. Yah! thats what i meant..
Thanks for making that day so wonderful babe~!

much love to um... well everyone i guess..!
come on... who doesn't like love~~..

From moi