Thursday, May 31, 2007

Its almost 6am in the Morning..
and as usual i've drank a little..
so if my typing isn't coherant forgive me..
i've been meaning to type this post for quite a long time now..
It's titled..

Women.. Once burned forever shy..

i've discovered a trend amongst my female friends
that affects them in their relationships today..
it seems that many of these girls..
were so badly hurt or betrayed in their first relationship..
in some way or another dealt injustice..
be it being cheated on.. breaking up.. or taken advantage of..
and because of that..
thay vowed never to fall in love so whole-heartedly again..
that it was better to be loved than to give it..
Even in their current relationships.. they feel safety in being loved..
and are scared of giving too much..

i feel that because of that hurt..
men are always going to be looked at as..
untrust worthy or scum..
but that is more a stereotype than anything else..
Guys don't say it..
but Being proud of your boyfriend.. and showing affection is
something we really appreciate..
maybe it's time to let go of that hurt..
and be open To give and recieve love..