Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nothing more to give..

You know those days when you are emotionally and physically
just exhausted.. when all that matters is to get the job done
and head home to a comfy bed..? i was having one of those..

Lack of sleep and work at 6pm.. Trina is on holiday in South Africa..
Come back in 1 Piece..! and stay away from the ferocious hippos..
and ken finally got into the bar..! cuz of my cunning persuasion to the
manager no doubt..

Poor boy cut his hand washing glasses yesterday.. It was seriously
one of the worst hand cuts i've seen in awhile.. a big gash in his index..
and cuts on his third and fourth.. now he's off to the doctors..
i'm pretty sure he'll steralise and stich up the wound..
Sigh.. it sucks..

during work i couldn't keep my eyes open..
luckily i could still focus when cleaning and plastering
ken's cuts.. thank god.. Haha..

Yup.. What a hell of a day..