Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Make an incision on the skin..
Just enough to see what lies beneath.
To find what started it all,
inspiration, intention, direction,

In moments, all will be clear.
shall be revealed.

That is the roots of life
now shrouded by the overgrowth
of sights and sounds.
Spotlights of expectations,
and reaching for that pedestal.

To truly fly, we must hold, feel, believe.
Testament that we are born,
to live for so much more.
I've been running around alot lately
doing God knows what at god knows where.

Pageant stuff, working at the Singapore Int
Photography Festival and watching Live Contender
fights. Brushing my work aside and staying
up till all hours to rush completion.

I'm normally not that last minute, but this sem
i've really let myself go.