Friday, July 17, 2009

The Zero Sum Game

The traditional economic theorists brought around the concept of the zero sum game, one where there is ultimately only one person who wins and one who loses in the realm of world trade. Now, while I doubt these economists were experts in love, I must admit I do believe in the concept of there is a right and wrong way to do things, especially when it comes to love. I believe that there are people who are doing it right and those who are doing it wrong but are too stupid to know otherwise.

Here is the all important secret twist, if you will. Doing it right will not lead to success with Mr Wrong, and doing it wrong with Mr Right actually might. Boggles the mind with one more way to succeed and one more to fail. :) I see prime examples and this is where my revelation actually stems from, on my msn and facebook friends lists. People who in my opinion are HORRIBLE couples or who are just irritating to begin with actually being happy with someone else. And it amazes me, honestly it does. People who make me go, "This person with THIS person? Great, just what we need, ANOTHER irritating couple to annoy the world!". But its funny how this world works and things seem to work out for them.

So to wrap things up. Maybe love is not the zero sum game I initially thought it to be. That there are happy couples, even though they may not be the brightest, or most lovable people on the planet. Instances of, it may not be perfect, but we are happy do exitst in the relam of strange love. And while i may not FULLY approve to that I say, well done. There is no right or wrong in love, merely those which work, and those which don't.